Wednesday, July 2, 2014

World Cup!

It has been the coolest experience getting to watch the World Cup games in East Slope Pub which is on the University of Sussex campus. As many of you know, the US team was eliminated last night (sad face) but it was such an exciting game! I have gone to watch every time the US team has played (and a couple other games) and the pub is consistently packed. There aren't enough seats and I end up standing there for two hours watching but it is worth it.

There are so many students here from the US which makes it that much better (and makes it somewhat acceptable for me to wear my US Soccer shirt). It was so exciting to have everyone start screaming and chanting "USA" whenever a goal was scored or collectively gasp at a close play.

They have a huge screen with the game projected on it!

Basically, I am so glad I am here during the World Cup and I cannot wait for the rest of the games. I may have to find somewhere else to watch the final game though because I doubt there will even be any room to stand in the pub...

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