Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Look It's My Room (Stefanie's Dorm Tour)

I made a little video of my dorm room in the Northfield Residences at the University of Sussex so you can see where we have been living (warning: the quality is not the best).

We live on halls with about eight rooms (seven of the rooms on my hall are occupied) and a common room/kitchen area. Each room is complete with its own bathroom, a wardrobe, full desk area, bed, and little shelf thing. It is actually pretty nice with plenty of space and I love having my own bathroom! I also have a nice view from my window which is usually open due to the lack of air conditioning. There is also a blackout curtain to cover the tall window which makes the very early morning sunrise (at around 5:00am) a little less painful.

One complaint is the bed, which I expected, but still is annoying. I have sort of gotten used to the discomfort but it will be nice to sleep on something even a tad comfier. Really it is the sad excuse of a pillow that is the biggest pain. Oh well.

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