Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Brighton Marina

After Stefanie's class in the morning, we decided to check out the Brighton Marina in the afternoon. We hopped on a different bus than we normally take which drove through much more residential areas to get to the Marina.

We sat on the top level in the front for a bit
which was terrifying and made us dizzy.

So this is a hospital...

It was a rather blustery and overcast day outside but it was still nice to walk around the cute shopping area. There were pingpong tables set up so we attempted to play although the wind made it nearly impossible to hit the ball at all.

We admired some of the boats (and laughed at their names) before heading to the boardwalk packed with restaurants ranging from Italian to American (which we found funny) to French to Nando's (which we managed to keep ourselves away from although it was so tempting).

We settled on a multilevel pub-like place with a nice view of the boats docked in the main marina.

Nicole had a baked potato with chili con carne.

Stefanie had a baked potato with vegetarian three bean chili.
After our delicious baked potato lunches we walked around a little more and explored a couple shops (and kiddy rides).

We picked up some ice cream at a cute cafe.

Toffee Fudge

In desperate need of groceries, we headed to the huge grocery store Asda (which was part of the reason we decided to go to the Marina in the first place as everyone was constantly saying how Asda is the best). It was pretty impressive.

There were so many adorable cakes including this Peppa Pig one!
We took the 23 bus back to campus for an evening of leftover indian food, homework, and possibly more World Cup viewing at the pub! Tomorrow Stefanie's family is coming to Brighton so this weekend should be exciting!

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