Saturday, July 19, 2014

Welcome to London (Oom-Pah-Pah)

This morning (after a few issues with turning in our keys and actually getting ourselves with our luggage to the train station), we boarded a train to London Victoria station. 
We spotted a Miss Saigon bus on our taxi ride!
We were pleasantly shocked to find out that our room at the hotel was ready when we got here at 11 a.m. After grabbing lunch at a cute cafe nearby, we purchased Oyster Cards and caught the Tube to St. Paul's to meet Nicole's friend, Orlin (he's studying abroad in France this summer but is spending the weekend in London). 

Nicole's Panini
Stefanie's Falafel Wrap
 We met up with Orlin and went to look at St. Paul's Cathedral and get some pictures. We might have freaked out a bit over the Commitments and Miss Saigon posters in the tube station.

Then, we headed to the Museum of London where we spent several hours exploring. We had a lot of fun with the interactive exhibits. 

Me and my boy, Henry VIII

I found a Victorian lamp-post and felt very Mary Poppins-y.
Stefanie's new ride

We headed back to our hotel to rest and relax in the air conditioning before going down to the West End to eat dinner and see the Commitments tonight!

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