Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Farewell Dinner

Today was Stefanie's last day of class as she took her final exam this morning!
Nicole is almost there! She had a presentation today and her final essay is due tomorrow which she is currently diligently completing. Last I spoke to her she was more than halfway done!

Nicole's Essay: Nine books, five monarchs, one paper
The day was just filled with class, studying, jogging, and running errands. Then this evening we attended the Farewell Ceremony for the first session of the International Summer School here at Sussex. It was actually kind of sad. Nicole and I went with my hallmates who are all also leaving after this first session.
It was a nice catered dinner with a slideshow and some speeches from the program directors. We were actually very excited by the food as it was delicious and it was our first full fancy dinner in a while. So of course we took too many pictures.

Salad with mozzarella and bread

Stefanie's vegetarian risotto

Nicole's chicken dish
Beautiful chocolate mousse, biscotti, and ice cream dessert

Tomorrow we will both be all done with our classes and then only a couple more days left in Brighton.

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