Saturday, July 12, 2014

SO MANY COWS (Outdoorsy Multiactivity Day)

While Nicole frolicked through beautiful Cambridge, I scrambled to avoid the cow pies all over the ground of the fields I spent my day in. I went on the USussex sponsored MultiActivity Day trip which entailed a full day outdoors doing fun things ranging from mountain biking to canoeing.

The field/cow pasture I spent the day in was only a twenty minute bus ride from the University. On the way there, we had to drive on this narrow road with shrubs taller than the van on both sides. This tiny road was a two-way road and as we were halfway down it we saw a car ahead coming towards us. There was also a car behind so we both had to go backwards to a driveway way back to pull over so the car could pass. It was interesting.

The van parked in a field from which we hiked for about an hour along the River Ouse and through cow pastures, all the while dodging the cow pats all over the ground. It was a gorgeous day and the hike was so nice.


Cow Selfie


she had an itch

so many

hello there

she didn't want to selfie with me

whatchu looking at?



Flowers along the river!
There was a tree that had eaten a sign.
We were divided into groups and rotated through the different activities. My group went canoeing on the River Ouse first! It was fun but there were four of us in one canoe and it was slowly filling with water. Also I had to sit on a metal bar instead of a seat and there was quite a lot of crashing into trees...

After the first rotation we took a lunch break! Everything was homemade by one of the guides and it was delicious!

Homemade Elderflower Drink

Yummy veggie burgers grilled over the fire!
She was cooking the burgers right there!
Next we went to the mountain biking station which was the best part. The guide had set up a little course which we went through and were timed on. I got the best time for the first round (after the guide)!

I made a little green friend.
The final station was folklore or adult storytelling as they called it. The guide told us old Sussex folktales about giants and dragon related to the area. It was kind of funny but cool to here some of the stories which related to the area we were exploring. He also played some traditional instruments.

Our last activity was Stool Ball, a traditional Sussex game,
which is a weird mix of baseball and cricket. It was funny that
after all of the American batted we dropped the paddle thing
even though we weren't supposed to. It was just a softball reflex...
I found this funny...
Later, my family met me at the University of Sussex and I gave them a very brief tour before we headed to Lewes to see the castle there and eat dinner.

Yummy salad at dinner in Lewes.

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