Sunday, July 6, 2014

I Wanna Touch Stonehenge (& Adventures in Bath)

Today we set off bright and early for a trip sponsored by the university to Bath and Stonehenge. Our normal duo became a trio, as Stefanie's flatmate Abby was also on the trip. 

After the three hour bus ride to Bath, we went on a walking tour of the city with our awkward tour guide. While it was great because we got to see a lot of the city, his commentary was not always wanted, or even all that accurate (Nicole even corrected him once. Oops.) 

Bath Abbey
It was really interesting to see how the backs of the
beautiful and uniform houses are a bit of a mess.
The Royal Crescent

Apparently, Nicholas Cage used to live in this house.
Our tour guide asked if there were any tree huggers.
Stefanie stepped up to the challenge. 
The Trio + Charlie

Once the tour ended, we had a few hours of free time in the city. Along with Abby and two of the student guides from the university (Charlie and Andreas), we went to a pub called the Crystal Palace to grab some food. After a delicious lunch, we walked up to the Jane Austen Centre to buy some presents. 
Nicole finally got some fish & chips!
We loved all the cute blue doors.

As we only had an hour to tour the Roman Baths, we had to speed through it a little but we got plenty of pictures. 

Stefanie with the Roman version (Minerva) of her
godly parent, Athena. #camphalfblood
Nicole's favorite part was seeing how the building
is built around the natural springs 

Not sure we'd want to get in that water.... 
The spring water didn't taste all.

It was back to the buses for our journey out to Stonehenge. We were all a little surprised by it, I think (Nicole and Abby found it smaller than they'd expected, while Stefanie and Charlie thought it was larger). It was cool to see such an old and mysterious structure, but paled in comparison to Bath. Mostly we were amused by Charlie's desire to touch the stones. (Granted, there were very few security guards so it seemed plausible). 

The wind was making taking photos a bit difficult.

You could see Stonehenge in Stef's glasses!
We were pretty amused by this giant sheep in the gift shop.
On another note, we're completely convinced that Stonehenge was the site of pagan sacrifices. Maybe we've just watched too much Reign. 

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