Saturday, July 19, 2014

Commitment Issues

We had a super awesome night! We got to the West End and found a Spanish tapas bar where we had a yummy dinner.

The Palace Theatre is so beautiful! We were pleasantly surprised because when we got to the balcony section, they told us we could upgrade to the stalls for ten pounds. We got seats in row N on the ground level, which was much better than being on the fourth story!

We also had a lot of fun taking photos with the funny ads.

I freaked out a little bit when we found the Prince Edward Theatre was so close!

The show was very strange, but we enjoyed it! It's kind of more of a combination of a straight play and a concert than a normal musical. Killian Donnelly is so talented and impressively energetic. He really carried the show with his stage presence and magnificent voice. (Find him on Twitter here.)

After the show, we went to stage door to meet Killian. We got him to sign brochures for the Commitments and took a selfie (in which we all look strangely related?). He was super nice and we talked about Brighton, the Tudors (he was on the show as a dancer!), and how Americans use the word "super."

We weren't quite ready to go back yet (Nicole still had a bit of an adrenaline rush going from the show), so we went down to a Cafe Nerro on the same block as the Prince Edward Theatre, home of Miss Saigon.

We were just sitting there, drinking frappes, when we realized that the show was over and people were coming out of stage door, which we had a slightly obstructed view of. All of sudden, we saw a guy walking down the street and realized it was one of the actors, Niall Sheehy. (Unfortunately, he had headphones on or we totally would have yelled to him.)

We kept sitting there, knowing that Alistair Brammer (remember him from the first blog post?) would be coming out soon. Finally, Stefanie spotted him and when he got closer, Nicole confirmed that it was indeed Alistair Brammer in front of our very eyes.

We're still freaking out a little bit, but we've got a big day ahead of us tomorrow so we're going to try to get some sleep!

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  1. Great stuff. Watch out London!!!