Saturday, July 19, 2014

Bye Bye Brighton

On Friday we spent our last day in Brighton just as we did our first. After a night of going out with friends, we got to a somewhat early start, picked up some caffeine at the on campus cafe, and took the bus downtown.

We stopped at our new favorite places around Churchill Square, the main downtown Brighton shopping area. Nicole spent way too much money at Primark (Stefanie would like to add that finals had just been completed and it was actually impressive that we used so much self control as everything is adorable). We spent a couple of hours at stores like Tiger, Primark, and H&M (dying of heat especially in the dressing rooms) before heading to a quaint antique bookstore we had been waiting to go to.

We immediately thought of the Miss Saigon song... #obsessed
It was very cool and Nicole was in heaven. The two levels of the store were connected by a steep metal spiral staircase which added to the magical atmosphere but was also a challenge.
Nicole could not resist buying a play by J. M. Barrie (the author of Peter Pan!) called Quality Street. The only date in the book is the 1901 copyright, so we think it might be a first edition! If you have any knowledge of how to figure out a book publication date, please comment and let us know. We can't believe it was only ten pounds.

Of course, we had to complete our day out with Pret a Manger.

Stefanie's yummy salad and mango smoothie

Nicole's Prosciutto tomato sandwich
and carrot cake (which we shared) 
We prepared to head back to campus at a normal time by bus but were annoyed to find ourselves standing at the bus stop for 30 minutes with no bus in sight. We could not bear to wait there any longer in the heat so we hiked up to the train station to go back even if it was more expensive. Our friends got to the bus station right as we left and they told us they had to wait another 15 minutes for a bus to finally show.

We were sad to leave Brighton for the last time (but not as much after the bus fiasco) but we are so excited for our London adventure to begin. We spent way too long packing and freaking out about not being able to fit everything in our suitcases but we luckily eventually did!

So bye bye Brighton and all our wonderful new friends and hello London!

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