Monday, July 14, 2014

Picnics and Flower Crowns

Stefanie and I had a fairly normal University of Sussex day. I can't believe this was our last Monday here! The time really has flown. Stefanie had class today, while I spent the day doing class work. That included a trip to the library where I couldn't resist taking this snapchat:

We met up at 4:30 p.m. for a Student Ambassadors meeting. Stef and I will both be serving as International Summer School ambassadors this coming year which means working with the study abroad office, being contacts for the university, and organizing events. We also got super official University of Sussex staff t-shirts!

This evening, Stefanie's flatmates invited me to join them for a picnic up top of the hill by our dorms (one of the perks of being surrounded by national park). We ate cheese and crackers and fairy cakes (little cupcakes) and frolicked about. It was a perfect study break! I even wore my flower crown for the occasion. 
I was yelling, "I'm Marie Antoinette pretending to be
a peasant at the Queen's Hamlet!" #historymajorproblems

More frolicking


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